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This package comes with 2 page templates:


ICE_Business 16 Flash Three-Column: creates a new page with three columns.  Navigation bar on the left, content in the middle, and info boxes on the right.


ICE_Business 16 Flash Two-Column: creates a new page with navigation bar on the left and content on the right.








Put your content here



  • Please preview this web in a browser first. (On the File menu, select Preview in Browser).
  • This web template uses ICE_Business 16 Flash theme.  (On the menu bar, select Format - Theme)
  • This web is optimized for 800 x 600 monitor resolution or above
  • Do not change the page layout or move the table boders if possible.  You can insert additional tables or split the content area into cells.  Just make sure the sizes of the new tables or cells will not cause your web pages to exceed your target monitor resolution. To edit the size of a table/cell, right-click the table/cell and select Table Properties or Cell Properties.


If you need further assistance, please use one of the following resources:




What's New

Announce the most recent additions to your web site, such as product or service updates, items on sale



Subject Box

To add more info boxes like this one:

1. Position the mouse pointer inside the Subject box.

2. On the menu bar, select Table - Select - Table to highlight the info box. 

3. On the menu bar,

select Edit - Copy.

4. Position the insertion point where you want to paste the text box.

5. On the menu bar,

select Edit - Paste.